It may seem easy to lodge an application online or fill a visa application form

But thousands of applications get declined every year due to people not seeking the right advice at the right time

This visa allows you to travel to New Zealand either for holidaying or to meet your family and friends. Under the general category, the visa can be granted for a maximum duration of 9 months. It is used by most people coming to New Zealand for a short stay – for example, inviting your family to come and spend time here.

Apart from the general category, there is a range of special category visas depending on your circumstances to enable a visit to New Zealand. The most common of these  are visitor visas based on partnership/dependent children.

Based on your circumstances, we can advise you on the kind of visitor visa required and the documents associated with the same. Each category of visa has a different set of requirements, and it is important to provide evidence of meeting those requirements in order to avoid unnecessary complications in the application. This is why it is an absolute must for you to get the Best Immigration Advice from the start from our experienced Immigration Advisers.

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