Like crossing an ocean without a compass, getting through immigration processes alone can be challenging

Which is why you need expert legal advice to get your desired outcome

Types of Complex Immigration Matters

We offer advice and representation on various issues that you may be faced with. A few categories of special immigration matters that we deal with are below:

If your current visa application has been declined, but you still have a valid visa and believe that the declined application was an unfair decision, you can opt for a reconsideration within 14 days. This is a further option available for lawful migrants to express their concerns on the decision-making and the visa application will be reconsidered by a new Immigration Officer. If there are good reasons as to why the decision was incorrect in the first place, the new visa will be granted which will ensure that you are put back on track. We have dealt with reconsiderations on all types of temporary visas from post-study work visas to partnership visas and have been highly successful in getting the applications approved.

If your visa has been declined and you were on an interim visa, you will have 21 days until your interim visa expires and you become unlawful in the country. If you did not put in a reconsideration request within 14 days, or you did and this was unsuccessful, you can apply for a visa under Section 61 to explain your circumstances and request acceptance of the application. However, the decision whether or not to grant a visa under Section 61 is at the absolute discretion of the Immigration Officer and no reasons will be provided for either accepting or refusing the application. We have had success with numerous Section 61 requests and have helped some people come back from very dire situations.

If your residence application has been declined, you can appeal against the decision to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal. The IPT is a separate body that will evaluate your comments and decide whether INZ has been fair in declining the application. You will be surprised to know that around fifty percent of IPT cases are successful where they decide that INZ should re-evaluate the application. This can be seen as a tremendous success factor, since the applicant will now get a further chance to be assessed for residence.

If you have been served with a deportation liability notice, you can appeal the notice if you believe that there are compelling reasons why you should not be deported. Once an initial assessment is done, we can advise you whether to proceed with the DLN appeal and represent you in the case. There have been numerous instances where our DLN responses have been considered and the DLN cancelled, much to the happiness and relief of our clients.

If you have been treated unfairly by INZ and you have a case which justifies Ministerial intervention, then we can do a Ministerial Appeal for you to the Associate Minister of Immigration. Ministerial intervention in an application can be extremely influential and helpful when arguing a matter with INZ.

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